We help our clients understand and navigate a wide variety of zoning and land use issues. For example, we assist in applying for and obtaining zoning and state approvals on behalf of municipalities, developers, builders, citizen groups, and individuals. When our clients encounter obstacles to development, we help them negotiate and litigate their claims to remove barriers to developing their properties and to allow them to reach their goals. Additionally, as Special Counsel or General Counsel for Town, Zoning, or other Boards, we advise municipal clients on how to best address their local zoning needs.


Our zoning and land use services include:

  • Project permits;
  • Zoning and rezoning;
  • Easements, conditional use permits, and variances;
  • State Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQRA”) compliance, including ensuring that procedural and substantive requirements are met through lead agency determination, scoping, and the preparation of Environmental Assessment forms and Environmental Impact Statements, as needed;
  • Special-use permits;
  • Incentive zoning;
  • Subdivision and site plan approval;
  • Takings, eminent domain, and inverse condemnation claims;
  • Historic preservation;
  • Administrative and quasi-judicial proceedings and appeals;
  • Appearing on behalf of clients before zoning, planning, and other boards; and
  • Prosecuting and defending land use decisions through Article 78 or other legal proceedings to challenge or uphold administrative decisions.