We assist individuals, businesses, and local governments across New York State in navigating the mediation process to resolve disputes related to zoning, land use, environmental, and municipal law matters.


What is Mediation?

Mediation provides a confidential, less adversarial, and more cost-effective method for resolving disputes. Under the guidance of a neutral mediator, parties can communicate face-to-face (or via videoconference) to identify the root of the problem and work towards a mutually satisfactory resolution. Our mediation services are tailored to restore and maintain relationships, ensuring a harmonious resolution to property, environmental, and community disputes.


Why Choose Mediation?

  1. Non-Adversarial: Mediation fosters a collaborative environment, unlike the court system that determines winners and losers.

  2. Confidential: Mediation keeps disputes private and away from potentially damaging public exposure.

  3. Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient: Avoid the financial and time burden of litigation by opting for mediation.

  4. Preservation of Relationships: Especially beneficial in homeowner and community disputes, mediation helps maintain or repair vital relationships.


Where Is Mediation Appropriate?

  • Situations where a continued relationship between the parties is desirable (e.g., neighbor vs. neighbor, town vs resident(s), business(es) vs community, municipality vs. municipality, etc.)

  • Multi-party disputes where the amount in controversy is less than the party’s projected litigation cost.

  • Facilitating resolution of zoning, land use, or municipal disputes pursuant to a municipality’s “Good Neighbor” policy.

  • Environmental remediation of contaminated property where there are multiple potentially responsible parties.

  • Eminent Domain, inverse condemnation, and other expected government takings.

  • Issues involving mineral, soil, or riparian rights.

  • HOA responsibilities, disputes, and covenants.


Why Mediate Your Case With The Zoghlin Group?

  • Senior Partner Mindy L. Zoghlin and Partner Jacob Zoghlin are experienced environmental, municipal, and zoning and land use law attorneys who have successfully litigated complex, multi-party litigation matters in New York State courts.

  • Senior Partner, Mindy Zoghlin, completed Pepperdine University School of Law (Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution)’s 42-hour course, “Mediating the Litigated Case.”

  • Mindy Zoghlin and Jacob Zoghlin completed a 13 ½ hour ABA Section Dispute Resolution Spring Conference.

  • Using over 30 years of experience as an environmental law attorney, Mindy Zoghlin has been successful in helping her clients resolve technically and legally complicated cases, including environmental cases requiring allocation of liability among multiple responsible parties. Mindy Zoghlin and Jacob Zoghlin bring vast experience handling cases involving a range of scientific and technical subject matters, such as oil spills, hazardous waste, solid waste, and potential pollution of drinking water from contaminants.

  • The Zoghlin Group can also mediate land use and property disputes among private parties, municipalities, or both. Our attorneys have experience with environmental and land use matters under New York State’s Environmental Conservation Law and Navigation Law (including the Oil Spill Law), CERCLA, RCRA, and other federal environmental laws.