Preserving Environmental Integrity Through Legal Advocacy

Nestled within a rural region of New York laid a community facing a critical decision regarding its waste management infrastructure. The County Landfill, in operation since 1981, served as a vital hub for waste disposal, catering not only to the immediate locality but also to neighboring areas. As the landfill approached its capacity, the County grappled with the challenge of ensuring sustainable waste management practices for the future. Among these options, expanding the existing landfill emerged as the most financially viable solution, promising to sustain waste management services for years to come. However, this proposal triggered concerns regarding its potential environmental impact, particularly from neighboring communities.

Remediation of Contaminated Town Park

In a rural suburb of Rochester, a popular park served as a popular gathering spot for sports and leisure activities. However, beneath its surface lay a hidden danger – contaminated topsoil, inadvertently introduced during park renovations.

Protecting Homeowners from Environmental Contamination

In a rural suburb of Rochester, a couple faced an unexpected challenge when their home became contaminated with petroleum. This contamination stemmed from an incident involving an energy services company, which overfilled a petroleum storage tank in their basement.

Challenging Unconstitutional Laws and Being Awarded Legal Fees

In the heart of New York State, a Transfer Station deeply entrenched in environmental regulations found itself embroiled in a legal dispute with Oswego County over its solid waste operations.

Harmonizing Development and Environmental Preservation

Situated amidst the serene landscapes of a suburban retreat lies a former golf and country club, encompassing over 114.25 acres. However, with proposals emerging to repurpose this area into a residential subdivision, contentious debates ensued concerning its environmental ramifications.

Balancing Preservation and Progress

In the tranquil confines of a Western New York village, a proposal emerged that sparked both anticipation and apprehension among its residents.